The Emory Wheel

The Emory Wheel is Emory University’s independent, student-run newspaper that reports on events and student life around campus. I currently serve as Assistant News Editor for this publication and will assume the role of News Editor in Fall 2020.

‘The fight isn’t over’: DACA Recipients respond with cautious optimism to Supreme Court decision

Published on July 17, 2020

Emory students, faculty, and administration responded to the Supreme Court’s decision to allow the DACA program to continue for the time being.

Emory Reverses course on fall plan, significantly reduces campus capacity

Published on July 17, 2020

The Wheel broke the news that Emory University reversed its previous plan to bring students back to campus by limiting on-campus students to freshmen, international students, and select upperclassmen and moving the majority of courses online.

ICE Reverses guidelines on international student restrictions

Published on July 14, 2020

The Trump administration’s restrictions for collegiate international students were reversed following a lawsuit between the Department of Homeland Security and Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This article updated Emory students and was published within an hour of the news breaking.

Town Hall: COVID-19 Safety Protocols to Primarily be Peer Enforced, Without Police Involvement

Published on June 25, 2020

Emory College held a virtual town hall to answer student questions about returning to campus in the fall, at which they noted that protocols will mainly be enforced by students themselves. This article recapped clarifications made and details that have yet to be finalized.

Emory Announces Health Guidelines for Graduate and Professional Students Returning to Research

Published on May 29, 2020

The Wheel outlined the guidelines issued by Emory University on what COVID-19 protocols and safety measures returning graduate and professional students needed to follow before and during their returns to campus.

University Board of Trustees Elects Businessman, Two Methodist Bishops

Published on March 4, 2020

The Wheel broke that the University Board of Trustees added three members, including two Methodist bishops in alignment with the University’s affiliation as a Methodist institution.

Emory Announces Bobby Jones Scholarship Recipients

Published on Feb. 26, 2020

The Wheel was the first to publish the recipients of the Bobby Jones Scholarship, awarded every year to four Emory University students that receive a paid year of study at St. Andrews University in Scotland.

Geographer Jared Diamond Emphasizes Need to Solve Worldwide Crises

Published on Feb. 23, 2020

Acclaimed geographer Jared Diamond visited Emory University to speak about his new book “Upheaval: Turning Point for Nations in Crisis.”

Civil Rights Lawyer Bryan Stevenson Announced as Commencement Speaker

Published on Feb. 12, 2020

The Wheel was the first to publish that human rights lawyer and best-selling author Bryan Stevenson would deliver the 2020 Commencement ceremony speech at Emory University. He will also receive an honorary doctor of law degree.

Student Groups Respond to Conservative Speaker

Published on Feb. 5, 2020

Student groups on campus responded to Heather Mac Donald’s speech at Emory University over several days following the event.

Mac Donald Ignites Controversy with ‘Diversity in Education’

Published on Jan. 29, 2020

Controversial conservative writer and political commentator Heather Mac Donald visited Emory University about the “diversity delusion” in higher education, prompting protests and negative sentiments from the student body.

Ossoff: 2017 Campaign Sets the Stage for Success

Published on Jan. 26, 2020

U.S. Senate candidate in Georgia, Democrat Jon Ossoff, came to Emory University to speak at a Young Democrats of Emory town hall.