Hello! I’m Anjali Huynh, a reporter pursuing a career in political journalism with a particular interest in how policy and power intersect with race, class, and other identities. A December 2022 graduate of Emory University, I hold a B.A. in Political Science and Sociology.

My reporting career got started in Iowa City, Iowa, where I fell in love with journalism through my high school paper, West Side Story. As politicians flocked to my home state ahead of the 2020 Iowa Caucuses, I set my sights on political reporting. I followed politicians around Eastern Iowa during my senior year for a local outlet and asked monumental figures, including President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, questions alongside national reporters.

Most recently, I helped cover the contentious 2022 midterms as a politics correspondent at The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Previously, I’ve worked for the Boston Globe’s Express and Metro teams, NBC News’ Digital Politics section, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s local news team, CNN’s National Content Center, CNN Newsource DC, and Little Village Magazine. I also participated in the 2022 POLITICO Journalism Institute and served as the executive editor for Emory’s student publication The Emory Wheel, where I oversaw news and DEI efforts.

When I’m not overthinking any given story, you can find me purchasing $8 coffees, exploring Atlanta restaurants, or rewatching the same five Marvel movies. For recent updates, find me on Twitter here.

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Below is an overview of some of my favorite work thus far:

Georgia’s Asian American electorate is divided

Published Nov. 4, 2022 in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

In final campaign stretch, Georgia candidates clash on crime

Published Oct. 25, 2022 in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Vibe check: How Bostonians are holding up, and helping each other, as times stay tough

Published Oct. 8, 2022 in the Boston Globe

Demand for mental health care rising in Asian American communities as more speak openly of struggles

Published July 29, 2022 in the Boston Globe


Published July 15, 2022 in the Boston Globe

This county drove Georgia’s red-to-blue shift. Now the GOP is trying to claw it back.

Published July 12, 2022 in POLITICO

‘It just doesn’t help’: GOP-led efforts to push permitless carry come under scrutiny

Published May 30, 2022 in NBC News

As candidates push affordable housing plans, experts say they can’t stop Atlanta gentrification

Published Sept. 30, 2021 in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

In Iowa, Marjorie Taylor Greene tests her national appeal

Published Aug. 20, 2021 in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Fear, anxiety still linger for metro Atlanta Asian Americans

Published July 1, 2021 in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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