Multimedia Broadcast

Friend Crush

During my first year on staff, I wrote a double-page spread highlighting two friendships: the bond between West High’s two band directors and a connection between two band members. Our publication makes it a goal to put all print content online. While considering my options for multimedia options, I took inspiration directly from trends at the time: why not do a quiz-oriented video? Intended to capture the personalities of both duos, this video highlights these friendships in a lighthearted, humorous manner.

Published on the West Side Story YouTube channel on March 17, 2017.

Though I have not executed many journalism-specific multimedia broadcast projects, I have made videos for various other activities that were distributed to large crowds. Here are a few samples of my work.

Heroes of Troy

This past fall, West High’s Student Senate redesigned the structure of homecoming court to foster inclusivity. We removed the gendered categories as well as all labeled categories with the intent of encouraging students from all walks of life to apply, rather than those privileged enough to meet certain criteria. Individuals on the new court were dubbed “Heroes of Troy.” However, this information was not well-received by the student body. Subsequently, I organized a Student-Senate sponsored effort to produce a video explaining the process with as many students as possible. This video was then shown to all classes in the building, nearly 2000 students.

2018 FRC Robotics World Championship

Our local robotics team, FRC 167, is part of the FIRST organization and is called “Iowa City Robotics.” Because I am in charge of the business division of this team, part of my duties include managing media such as photography and videography. During the 2018 “Power Up” season, my team received a spot at the 2018 FIRST World Championship in Detroit, Michigan based on previous season success. I took hours of footage of matches, competition events, and group activities that were later compiled into this video. This was then used to promote the team in the subsequent fall.

TSA 2018 TEAMS Digital Media Competition

Last summer, several other students and I participated in the 2018 TSA TEAMS National Competition in the 11/12 division. We had qualified at the state level for this engineering-oriented national competition that took place in Atlanta, Georgia. One component of the competition was a “Digital Media” category where we were required to create a video advertising a faux environmentally-efficient consultant firm. Teammate Chirag Jain and I spent days acquiring footage, recording voiceovers, obtaining public-use footage, and editing the final product in Adobe Premiere.

Though the video is not journalistic in nature, it allowed me to learn how to produce a professional business-like product that ultimately received sixth place at the national level.